Python: Blender Select Hard Edges

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I am a big fan or Blender 3D and Wings3D. An issue is moving models from Wings3D to Blender. Edges marked sharp for subdivision in Wings are ignored on import via OBJ to Blender. The edges are highlighted as in blue but need to be creased to replicate the same output as you would in Wings3D.

Selecting these edges manually is okay for smaller models but for larger models it is beyond frustrating. To solve this, I have created an addon to select them and from there you can crease, edge split or create vertex groups to meet your needs.

Download the add-on using the links below. Via the File > User Preferences > Add-ons window use the “Install Add-on from File…” button to locate and install the .zip.

For your chosen model, tab in to edit-mode and in the Select menu choose ‘Select Edges Marked Sharp’:

GitHub Download

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