MySQL: Custom Configure MySQL in MAMP

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While Vagrant and Docker are awesome for serious web work, sometimes a quick and dirty install a preconfigured LAMP stack is quick and good enough to get started.

In the case of MAMP, while PHP is configurable via the various php.ini files corresponding to each version, you will find that no such option exists for MySQL.

I had some legacy code with MySQL queries that worked on the server but did not work locally. After inspecting the MySQL server variables, I found that they were different but had no way to change what worked on my machine.

Modifying the queries was out of the question within the time frame. The most apparent solutions involved buying MAMP PRO or another paid solution and I wanted to avoid a subscription.


After some experimentation I found placing a my.cnf file in /Applications/MAMP/conf/ then restarting the LAMP stack will allow you configure MySQL as you please. There was nothing obvious online so I am posting it here.

In my case , this enabled me to enable NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION and continue with my work.

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